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Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes…You Should Read

Normally I write Blog posts baised off of what I see on facebook, twitter, what my freinds are talking about  what I see in the media, or even what I just want to blog about for a day.  However, this post comes from an article I read in “Ask Men” Magazine.

If you are not formilar with Ask Men Magainze, its a magazine for men about relationships, health, hobbies, fastion, and many things that men should know about.  With my fitness, nutrition, and exercise background I found these tips helpful.
  1. Avoiding Pre- and Post-Workout Meals To Enhance “Fat Burn”: The  truth is your body needs fuel to burn.  If you dont have fuel, your body will go for the next thing, muscle.  A great post workout I use is Shaklee Physique, from the #1 All Natural Nutritional Company in North America.  See future posts on shaklee Pysic
  2. Eliminating Fruit Because Of The Sugar Content: As we have talked about in previous blog posts sugar in fruit is 100% all natural and healthy.  The other thing people dont know is fruit is filled with fiber which makes you feel full and you wont eat as much. And we all know what fiber does to you.
  3. Believing Herbs Are Harmless Because They’re Natural: Some herbs are healthy, others can promose a theart. Do your homework on this one.
  4. Thinking Only Calories Matter For Weight Maintenance: The age old rule is…A Calorie, is a Calorie! Right??? WRONG! High processed sugar calories burn quickly and leaving you feeling slugish.  The longer buring calories of natural sugars keep you full, and last longer.
  5. Avoiding All Red Meat: Eating Red Meat is healthy for you, if you eat it responsiabbly.  Red meat is full of iron, zinc, and many other minerals.  When you buy red meat buy lean meat with less fat.
  6. Relying On Your Classic Standbys:  As we have discussed in previous blog posts, your body is the master adaptor.  Change your diet to keep your body on it’s toes, and also to keep your sanity.
  7. Neglecting Spices: Add spices to keep your tastes buds happy, and make food taste good. Avoid high sodium foods, and lots of salt.
  8. Downing Sports Drinks During Your Workout: Most sports drinks are  loaded with sugar, artifical sweeteners, and arent the best for you.  (See future blog posts on Shaklee. 
  9. Relying On Multivitamins: They are good, but they designed to fill the gaps that are lacking in our nutritional diets.
  10. Believing Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Are Far Healthier Than Frozen: There is a lot of debate about whats healthier for you, organic fresh produce, or frozen? The truth is there is not research out that says organic is better then non organic. If you can get if fresh that is the best way to get all the nutrients. If you get frozen, that’s the next best thing.
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